SoMLA 2022 Virtual Conference has ended
Welcome to the 2022 State of Maryland Literacy Association Conference. This is Maryland’s 50th annual conference!  The three day event is packed with exciting opportunities for professional development, networking, and examining exemplary materials for classroom use. This conference is intended for a wide-range of audiences including classroom teachers, reading specialists, special educators, curriculum specialists, administrators, and other educators. There is a variety of high caliber speakers, researchers, practitioners, publishers, and authors that are presenting throughout the conference, as well as the pre-conference "Session Saturday" presentations. You may apply for CPD credit through MDSE by filling out this form.  To qualify, you must have attended 15 hours total.  This includes time you spent engaged in "Session Saturday" presentations.  Please fill out all of the information.  Incomplete requests will not be filled.  Requests will be cross referenced with attendance from "Session Saturday" presentations and on the weekend of March 31-April 2nd 2022.   If you participated for the required hours, you will receive a credit. Please be patient, you will receive your form.

If you have not yet registered, do so today by going to Eventbright.

For general questions, contact the Conference Coordinator, Gayle Glick at ggayle56@aol.com.
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Mary Kay Carlo

Scholastic Professional
Senior Account Executive
Scholastic is the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books, connecting educators and families through accessibility, engagement, and expertise. We are a leading provider of literacy curriculum, professional services, and classroom magazines, and a producer of educational and popular children’s media. Scholastic is currently in 115,000 schools, reaching 3.8 million educators, 54 million students, and 78 million parents/caregivers domestically.
Scholastic Education Solutions digital and blended instruction resources strengthen teaching and learning by providing equitable access to engaging materials for all students—wherever learning is taking place. I have been lucky enough to have worked for Scholastic for 16 years and I have loved every minute of it.

Please contact me for  our NEW Phonics Readers and Phonics Chapter Books, Digital SOR Resources, NEW Diverse Classroom Libraries and so so much more. Shopping can be done on our teacher store www.scholastic.com/teacherstore. Mary Kay Carlo Mcarlo@scholastic.com 410.272.1830

*****DRAWING FOR A SET OF PHONICS READERS - download the padlet and watch one of the 10 minute tutorials. Send me an email on which one you watched.

Session # 1- Scholastic Education
High Quality Solutions Around the Science of Reading Research and the Maryland LEADS Grant
Join us as we hear from Jimmy Brehm, Vice President of Academic Planning & Solutions Development at Scholastic Education. Scholastic has taken a blended approach to the SOR research offering both print and digital resources. The benefits of incorporating Phonics Readers and Rise (Intervention). Digital resources will be covered in another session Offered Friday 4:15 
Session # 2 – Scholastic Education High Quality Solutions Around Social and Emotional Classroom Libraries Join us as we hear from Dr. Karen Burke, Senior Vice President Scholastic Education. TheByron V. Garrett SocialEmotional Learning Collection which was created to foster social and emotional learning will be highlighted. This inspiring collection is both a powerful and timely resource for today's classroom.

Session #3 - Scholastic Education
High Quality Solutions Around Extended Learning Featuring LitLeague and LitCamp Created in Partnership with
Pam Allyn
Join us as we hear from Jimmy Brehm, Vice President of Academic Planning& Solutions Development at Scholastic Education. LitCamp, the summer literacy program that combines innovative reading and writing lessons with an engaging, inclusive and interactive summer camp approach will be highlighted. Additionally Lit League the after-school, intervention or extended day learning program will be featured.

Session #4 Scholastic Education
 High Quality Solutions Around Digital Solutions and Data to inform instruction
Join us as we hear from Dr. Karen Burke, Senior Vice President Scholastic Education. Propelling students to success begins with meeting them where they are and providing each with a personalized learning path. Scholastic Digital Solutions provide teachers with robust data to inform instruction—in order to deliver truly equitable learning opportunities that can be accessed in school, at home, or on the go. With a clear focus on foundational reading skills, vocabulary acquisition, word knowledge and independent
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